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Every industrial plant encounters several shutdowns during its lifetime, be it for scheduled maintenance, replacement of parts, modification or expansion. Whatever the reason, the overriding challenge is to adhere to the most stringent safety standards and keep downtime to a minimum. To achieve that goal, the whole of logistical processes – comprised of the lifting, transport, installation and removal of many components – plays an important and interdependent role. Many plants, however, were not designed with shutdown activities in mind. Adding to shutdown complexity is the fact that in such projects, multiple parties are generally working simultaneously at the same site. These realities call for new and comprehensive approaches that take into account not only the movement of the different components, but also the safe coordination of activities carried out by different subcontractors.


Over many years, TRI TECH has built extensive expertise in the shutdown of oil and gas plants. This has resulted in a deep understanding of the necessity of engineering and logistical planning, as well as practical expertise in safe execution.

Tools and Plant

We have tools & plants, Measuring Instruments in its capacities and auxiliary equipment that may be needed. Our task force is subject to stringent maintenance programs, ensuring reliability and safety at all times.

Our Concept

all that equipment is useless, however, without a thorough approach centered on safe delivery and minimal downtime. TRI TECH engineers have developed a unique shutdown concept that is based on the pre-engineering of all Electrical Rotaries, statics Machines and Equipments work. The TRI TECH concept also optimizes the planning and coordination of different maintenance activities performed by different parties on site. These results in greater cost-effectiveness, as the overall operation becomes more aerodynamic and equipment is better utilized. Our detailed approach has a positive and significant effect on total downtime in shutdown projects and the associated costs thereof.


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