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TRI TECH have expertise in designing of electrical system. TRI TECH design custom electrical system to exact requirement of Industries. Application specialists are available for technical and design assistance.


Manufacturing of low voltage switchgear and Electrical accessories in TRI TECH processed under high quality control and measures. Observed by qualified experts to satisfy the customer’s needs according to their specifications.

Electrification & Instrumentation (Supply & Services)

TRI TECH have expertise in Electrification and instrumentation of industries and plants according to IEC standard and Client’s specification.

TRI TECH is working in all power, power Generation (Synchronizing & Load Sharing) and control system and infra structure for electrical applications.

TRI TECH is working in all kind of instrumentation, supply and installation.

Installation & Commissioning

Industrial Electrification and Instrumentation, Generators Synchronizing & Load Sharing, Automation of Power Generation, Remote Net working of Generators.


Earthing System & Lightning Protection System.

Cable Tray Installation And Coduting.

Electrical Equipment Installation.

Cable Laying, Termination & Commissioning.

Internal Wiring

Fire Alarm System

Sound System

CCTV & Computer Networking System

Installations of all kind of Industrial and commercial electrical system at site is as easy as making a smile for an experience team. TRI TECH has assure best quality start from designing to installation.

TRI TECH is committed to serve the market in best possible way incredibly efficient costing managing and engineering techniques. Novelty in products and services in the style of TRI TECH.


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