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TRI TECH offer ATS, reliable and economical Auto transfer switch , The ATS are design for switching for one source of supply to another without going through a neutral (off) position. It offers economical and reliable solutions for smaller power supply system, either as an emergency ‘supply, standby power supply or alternative sources. It is also suitable to be use in commercial buildings or industrial plants where reliability of power supply is an important requirement.


The ATS are designed to have high interrupting capacity with double construction, which is mechanically held, electrically operated. It work on solenoid basic of activate the switch and relay, fully auto or manual operated, with this, there will be no maintenance needed and it allow more reliable and faster switching as compared to those using complicated motor and gear. The source of supply to the control circuit can be AC or DC and the switch position indicating the contacts are provided too.


ATS has built in Under and Over Voltage protection.

Main and Generator switching with selectable time delay and auto & manual mode.

Its maintenance free with solenoid operated.

The electrical and mechanical life of ATS is more then conventional ATS (contractors) because of large arc-chutes. It’s also including with ATS Controller with Under / Over Voltage and Time Delay.

Connection between controller and ATS with built in plug in type cable, so no need of control wiring.

In higher rating special Compact design and to easy installation, no need a big space only one enclosure which reduce the cost as well as the space at the site.

No need extra external indication, all Indications and push buttons are built in the controller.


Simple Operation and compact size, all contacts and bus bars are of extra size copper with very low resistance level over the contact points witch is able to provide quicker depreciation of heat. The movable arm and main contacts are housing in an arching chamber, it will enable the , to absorb heat and pass through the arching chamber.


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