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Introduction To TRI TECH (Pvt) Limited



TRI TECH (PVT) LIMITED from its initiation tends to be best performer of manufacturing of low voltage switchgear (for all kind of industrial, commercial and domestic applications), Electrification & Instrumentation of Industries and plants.

Our Qualified staff with years of experience in Designing, Manufacturing / Site Installations integration delivers the exceptional quality and workmanship to meet and exceed our customer's expectation.

TRI TECH has experience in the design and manufacturing of control panels for all kind of industries with compliance to IEC standards. We can assure you the highest quality and commitment to excellence.

We custom manufacturer low voltage switchgear, PFI plants, control panels and motor control centers specifically for your industry. To guarantee the best control system performance we Offer a full service custom control panel design manufacturing environment where we can fabricate panels based on your requirements, and design a full set of drawings according to your specifications to satisfy your needs.

Trade Zone

TRI TECH is capable of undertaking various kind of industrial projects.

Textiles Industries

Paper Industries


Chemical Plants

Sugar Mills

Allied Industries

Oil & Gas Sector

Food Industries

Commercial Plaza

Power Plants

Steel Rerolling Mills

Housing Schemes

Main Products

TRI TECH (PVT) LIMITED is manufacturing the following low voltage products.

LT Panels

Bus Coupler Panels

Power Factor Improvement Plants

Power & Lights Distribution Boards

Motor Control Centre

Control Panels For Water Treatment Plants (RO Plants)

PLC Panels

Relay Logic Control panels

Generator Control Panels

Generators Synchronizing & Load Sharing Panels

ATS & AMF Panels

Metering Panels


Cable Trays, Cable Trenches & Cable Ladder.

Stainless Steel Cable Mesh

Galvanized Cable Mesh

Bus Tie Ducts

All kind of Brackets and Supports

Floor Boxes

Health & Safety Policy Statement



The Company attaches great importance to health and safety matters and accepts the responsibility to carry out its operations to ensure that as far as practically possible that staff, visitors nor customers shall be exposed to risks to Their health and safety. All activities at the companies premises shall be carried out with the highest regard for the health and safety of staff, visitors and customers.

The Responsibilities of the Company

The Company will make every practical effort to comply with the obligations laid down under the Health and Safety at Work act. In particular by:







Providing a safe workplace with safe access to and from the premises and a healthy working environment.

Providing safe and healthy systems of work by taking all practical steps to ensure that all plant, machinery and equipment is designed, constructed and operated in a safe manner, including the provision of appropriate protective equipment and clothing.

Providing safe arrangements for the use, handling, storage and transport of articles and substance.

By giving instruction, training, supervision and information to enable all employees to carry out their duties in safety and to actively contribute to the safety within the organization.

Providing first aid facilities and training.

Consulting staff about arrangements for implementing, promoting and developing health and safety at work.

The company will encourage employees to examine this policy and take action or seek advice appropriate to their situation. The company will be willing at any reasonable time to discuss any aspects of the policy with all or any employees. This policy will from time to time be reviewed and amended as necessary. Employees will be kept informed of any amendments.

Employee Responsibilities

All employees have an important part to play in the operation of the Health and Safety Policy. Every employee has a responsibility for ensuring that they:








Undertake the work they are required to do taking reasonable care for the health and safety of themselves, their colleagues, visitors, customers, contractors and members of the public.

Use protective clothing and equipment when and where necessary.

Not interfere with or misuse anything provided in the interests of health and safety.

Report any incident to the management which may have led to injury or damage.

Give all assistance as required in the investigation of accidents.

Become familiar with and conform to this policy and relevant safety instructions at all times.

Co-operate with the management in any efforts to comply with the Health and Safety at Work act.


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