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Cables Management Accessories

Cable Trays

TRI TECH is manufacturer of Cable Trays with different profiles i.e. Perforated type, straight trench type with Covers and clamps, Bend and Risers, T Joints and Reducers.

Final finishing after pre treatment of steel sheet we will provide the hot dip galvanized, Electro static powder coated. GI Material and Stainless steel sheet.

Cable Ladders

The Exclusive design of Cable Ladder “Flange in” and “Flange Out” type Cable ladders with the using of extra reinforced design. For side walls and horizontal Supports. Horizontal Supports also provide the rectangular round Holes for proper dressing of cables.

The fixing clamps, Bending rise & Down arrangements with Jointing plates, reducers also design for the best installation and customized degree adjustment. The Cable Ladders is final finishing after pre treatment of steel sheet with hot dip galvanized and Electro static powder coated.

Cable Mesh

Especially design of Cable Mesh for Food, Chemical and Process Industries in different sizes and Grades with Stainless Steel Rods.

The fixing J Bolts with SS bolt n nuts and 3 mm thick SS Brackets for easy installation, A C type SS Clamps with Bolts, Washers and nuts arrangements for coupling of Cable Mesh. 

Supports and Brackets

Wall Mounted type adjustable up and down brackets manufacture with electro static powder coated and hot dip Galvanized Material.

The ceiling type supports prepared with threading Rods
And both side bended base support. 



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