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Low Voltage Switchgear Systems



Low-Voltage Switchgear Systems For Infrastructure

System Range

TRI TECH is a modular system range of power distribution boards designed specifically for infrastructures up to 6300 A.

TRI Tech's Low Voltage products are optimized for safe and reliable power distribution.

It consists of:

Switching and protective devices.

The modular enclosure system.

The control panel complete with planning and calculation tools.

The system range integrates switching and protective devices, mounting and enclosure systems and control panel components into a coherent, cost-effective system.

The Low voltage switchgear that have been manufacturing according to IEC 60439. Available from Form 1 to Form 4, the system can be designed to comply to any applicable installation standards and all relevant switchgear combinations to the respective protection type up to 6300 A.

Product Features

Clear segregation into functional areas up to Form 4b.

 Enclosures for combination- and separate mounting.

Enclosure protection IP31 or IP54.

 Main busbars at the top up to 4000 A.

Main busbars at the rear bottom up to 7000A.

Mains system types TN-C, TN-C-S, TN-S, TT, IT.


 Incomer Feeders, Outgoing Feeders

Bus Coupler Panels, ATS Panels

 Load takeoff panels.

3 or 4 pole circuit-breakers

Cable or busbar trunking connection from top or bottom

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